Phuket Weather

Phuket has a tropical monsoon climate and as the below chart indicates there is not very much change to the average temperature all year round. However the months of September and October tend to be called the monsoon season due to heavy rainfall and humidity in this period. During this period humidity can be uncomfortable with most people feeling sticky and hot. When considering Phuket weather and climate, November to March are the most pleasant months in which to travel, with comfortable warm temperatures and less rainfall.

The best time for surfing in Phuket is from April to September, this period is the hottest time of year for Phuket so do remember to pack your sunscreen. The west coast of Phuket has many beautiful beaches and headlands providing surfing opportunities. The east coast however is not recommended for surfing as the beaches are muddy and support mangroves which protect the coastline from any incoming swells.

Month Average Temp C° Average Rainfall mm
January 26.9 35.0
February 27.6 30.7
March 28.3 38.8
April 28.5 163.2
May 28.1 348.2
June 28.3 212.8
July 27.8 263.0
August 28.0 262.6
September 27.2 419.3
October 27.1 305.4
November 27.0 207.3
December 26.0 52.0


Phuket Weather Forecast

Phuket Weather Overview

SEPT-OCT Rainy, Hot with High Humidity, Monsoon Period

NOV-MAR Most Pleasant, least amount of humidity and rainfall

APR-SEP Highest temperatures of the year