Stopovers in Bangkok

Why not take the opportunity to experience the culture and excitement of Bangkok before you arrive in Phuket. Bangkok holidays are known for the amazing shopping and food. It is truly a city that floods the senses in every way. It's an experience you wont want to miss.

Bangkok accommodation

Choosing the right hotel accommodation for your stopover in Bangkok is critical. TravelOnline has hand picked the best hotels for their location, convenience and service. See Bangkok accommodation.

Many flight routes will allow you to stopover in Bangkok on your fare. If you choose to take advantage of this you may find the following information valuable.

Arrival at Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Airport is a large 4 level complex that can sometimes be daunting for a first time traveller. To simplify the ground level – level 1 is the bus lobby, level 2 is dedicated for arrivals, level 3 is called the meeting level and normally houses travellers in transit and lastly level 4 is dedicated to departures.

Bangkok AirportThe Bangkok Airport’s official name is Suvarnabhumi Airport pronounced "su-wan-na-poom". The airport is 30 kilometres east of Bangkok City, which is accessible by taxi or shuttle bus. It is wise to ask for a supply of small notes when exchanging your currency before leaving the airport. As taxi drivers may have run out of small change or tell you they have in favour of receiving a larger note. Taxi’s to Bangkok city depart from Level 2; can take 30 to 60 minutes travel time depending on route and time of day and will normally cost approximately 200 – 250 Thai Baht plus 50 Thai Baht airport tax.

Alternatively Airport Express provides air-conditioned bus service between Bangkok Airport and selected Bangkok hotels. The cost is 150 baht for entire route. Airport Express service operates from 5:00 am to midnight. Their counter can be found on the ground level (level 1) of Bangkok Airport.

Getting Around Bangkok

Bangkok Grand PalaceSome of the main ways of getting around in Bangkok include Skytrain, Subway, Taxi, Tuk-tuk (Bangkok’s version has 3 wheels) and motorcycle taxi.

Self drive in  Bangkok is not recommended due to traffic congestion and dangerous driving conditions.

Departing Bangkok

Many hotels in Bangkok can help you arrange a taxi for your return to Bangkok Airport. Plan to arrive at least 3 hours prior to departure for international flights and 2 hours prior for domestic flights. Cost and travel time in taxi should be similar to arrival.